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Monday, 13th June 2011
Theatre is not just for gays any more 
Neil Patrick Harris explains all in the opening number of the 2011 Tony Awards 

"Good evening. I'm teen heartthrob Neil Patrick Harris," said teen heartthrob Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, Starship troopers) as he opened the 65th Annual Tony Awards with the snappily named number 'Broadway: It isn’t just for gays any more'.

Written by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesigner the song is doing all it can to try to attract those "dudes who don’t like dudes" to the theatre. Neil Patrick Harris also enlists the help of Brooke Shields, Stephen Colbert and Bobby Cannavale to get his point across that musicals are a place to "come in and be inspired, there’s no sodomy required!"

Brooke Shields may forget her lyrics, but otherwise it goes off all rather impressively. See it below:

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