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The Indifference Engine
by Professor Elemental
Album first released: 2011

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Description: The Professor brings you his second album of tea and steam(punk) powered Chap Hop. Includes 'Cup of Brown Joy' and 'Fighting Trousers'.

Track listing for The Indifference Engine:

Track Song titleLength
01.Splendid[02:39]Buy MP3: iTunes
02.Animal Magic[02:41]Buy MP3: iTunes
03.Fighting Trousers[03:03]Buy MP3: iTunes
04.Sweet Cold Coalition[02:22]Buy MP3: iTunes
05.The Quest For The Golden Frog[04:06]Buy MP3: iTunes
06.Elixir[01:47]Buy MP3: iTunes
07.Fete Worse Than Death[02:23]Buy MP3: iTunes
08.Steam Powered[02:00]Buy MP3: iTunes
09.Penny Dreadful[03:32]Buy MP3: iTunes
10.Cup of Brown Joy[03:09]Buy MP3: iTunes

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Videos of songs by Professor Elemental:

Cup of Brown Joy by Professor Elemental
Professor Elemental's thoughts on tea.

Fighting Trousers by Professor Elemental
Chap hop battle: "I don't like your tweed sir!" is the rallying cry against Mr B, as he encroaches on Professor Elemental's chap hop turf.

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Professor Elemental - The Indifference Engine (CD)
Professor Elemental
The Indifference Engine
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