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Song Wars Volume 2
by Adam and Joe
Album first released: 2010

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Description: Adam & Joe's Song Wars Volume 2 is a 22 track collection of comedy songs written and performed by Adam Buxton & Joe Cornish. The songs were originally written for a feature called Song Wars, broadcast weekly on their Saturday morning BBC 6 Music show. For the feature, listeners vote for the best of two tracks the written around the same subject. In this album they present the best of those songs.

Track listing for Song Wars Volume 2:

Track Song titleLength
01.Festival Time[02:44]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
02.Nutty Room[01:34]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
03.Special Bath[02:50]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
04.Happy Birthday Time![01:45]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
05.Quantum of Solace[02:18]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
06.80s song[02:04]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
07.Australia[02:23]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
08.Bob Dylan's DVD box set[01:41]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
09.Bums & Binge Drinking[02:34]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
10.Coming Back from Holiday Blues[02:10]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
11.The Mind of a Pirate[03:00]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
12.Santum of Quolace[02:12]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
13.Antiques Roadshow[01:20]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
14.Baz Luhrmann's Australia[02:10]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
15.Bathtime for Bowie[01:49]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
16.This Week in Grazia[01:37]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
17.Itchy Bum [Explicit][01:12]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
18.Song for Margaret Mountford[01:52]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
19.Incredible Song[01:42]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
20.Dr Sexy[01:48]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
21.La-La-La-Lumley[02:00]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
22.Hello Mr Ghost[02:49]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes

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News about Adam and Joe:
Adam and Joe to return to BBC6 Music in April
Wednesday, 2nd March 2011
Dr Buckles and Cornballs back at the Big British Castle on Saturday mornings!

Videos of songs by Adam and Joe:

Antiques Roadshow by Adam and Joe
A song about the Antique's Roadshow to the theme of the Antiques Roadshow

Australia by Adam and Joe
Adam Buxton reviews the film Australia in song.

Festival Time by Adam and Joe
Adam Buxton describes the modern day festival experience. From Adam and Joe's Song Wars feature from their radio show on BBC6 Music.

Nutty Room by Adam and Joe
A song from the perspective of a movie-style disturbed nutbag, originally from Song Wars on Adam & Joe's BBC6 Music radio show.

Quantum of Solace by Adam and Joe
Joe Cornish's proposed theme tune for the Quantum of Solace, from Adam and Joe's Song Wars feature from their BBC6 Music show.

Joe Cornish's tribute to Margaret Mountford from the UK version of The Apprentice.

The Footie Song by Adam and Joe
Adam Buxton's and Joe Cornish's football anthem written, not with the love of the game, but with pure profit in mind.

Adam and Joe dream about their typical morning routine... when they were in school.

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