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Wednesday, 11th August 2010
3 best Mike Polk funny songs 
The honest comedy songs of Cleveland's most feted (and sometimes hated) comedian 

You may have heard of Mike Polk after he upset the Cleveland tourist board and most of Cleveland with his own version of a hastily made tourist video, but it's high time his more accomplished funny songs got a bit more exposure... hence this page.

First up we have an honest RnB song, which highlights the possible pitfalls and lays out truth behind a common scenario featured in many RnB songs ... namely, making love all night:

Then we have Mike Polk's wonderful and touching tribute to his father, entitled 'Dad, thanks for not pulling out'. I hope and pray that really is his father in the video.

Finally, there's the defence Mike Polk offers for those who are saving the environment and the expense of owning two bikes, by sharing one, in 'Two guys, one ride':

Two Guys, One Ride by Mike Polk

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Mike Polk  Father's day  Sex  Motorbikes  RnB  Making love  American  

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