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"Astounding! Incredible! Mind-blowing! All these words have been used by The Axis of Awesome." - The Axis of Awesome.

He’s Jordan Raskopoulos and he’s Lee Naimo and they make up… The Axis of Awesome!

(And he’s Benny.)

Poor old Benny Davies, he's the third member of the Axis of Awesome and usually the butt of all the jokes. On the plus side he's the writing talent behind the group and a classically trained musician.

Hailing from Australia, The Axis of Awesome became an internet sensation with their song ‘4 Chords’ which showed the world the secret of how to write a chart-busting pop song. As you may guess from its title the secret is down to which chords you use to write the chorus, and they’ve lined up a medley of 38 songs which demonstrate their point rather conclusively:

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