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"Tim Minchin is without doubt one of the 7 best pianist / singer / songwriter / actor / comedian / pervert / wannabe rockstars born in Western Australia in the mid seventies." - 'So Live' DVD.

Well actually that's not true, because as well as being the best pianist / singer / songwriter / actor / comedian / pervert / wannabe rockstar possibly in the whole world, he was also born in Northampton, in the UK.

Wait... I'm not trying to claim him for the British, I'm just trying to be as factually correct as possible to prevent my pedantic soul crying out in anguish. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes... Tim Minchin.

If I wore a hat it would be permanently taken off to this crazy-haired, eye-liner-wearing, piano-playing twisted wordsmith and musical genius. (Although, then I still wouldn't be wearing a hat, but I digress.) His songs are some of the best comic creations that have ever graced my ears and if you haven't already indulged in a Tim Minchin song, then prepare yourself for a treat.

Mr Minchin has been around on the comedy scene for a fair old while now. Acclaimed in Melbourne and Edinburgh in 2005 (apart from one rather caustic review which quite deservedly became the basis for a later hilarious song - 'Song for Phil Daoust'). He became better known in the UK (or at least the part of the UK which contains me) after a stand out performance on the Jonathon Ross chat show with his performance of 'Five poofs and two pianos'. (By the way, for those who don’t know, Wossy's house band on the show is known as Four Poofs and a Piano - don't blame me for that, blame the BBC.)

After seeing this and watching open mouthed in amazement, further investigation led me to find his masterpiece: 'Storm'. This is one of the most perfect explanations of what I have in my mind when I want to stand up for science over mysticism. Storm is just, well, just listen to it.

But then competing for the title of best Tim Minchin song is the one he wrote for his wife. The sentiments behind it clearly make it not a conventional love song, but he manages to turn it round so that the abhorrently honest premise behind it is received in an affectionate and even loving way. I'm not sure anyone else would get away with it, though.

 Warning: This song may contain mild swearwords/sexual references
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And as if that wasn't good enough he even manages to breakdown my conflicting feelings about still enjoying Christmas depite not being religious, and manages to do it in a bittersweet and wonderful comic song that brings a grin to my face and a lump to my throat. The fact it's called 'White wine in the sun' as opposed to 'Hot toddies in the rain' shows that Tim is definitely Australian - there, I've explicitly said he's Australian, happy now?

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