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So Rock
by Tim Minchin

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Description: Recorded at the Dolphin Theatre in Perth in 2006, "So Rock" was Tim's second show. Includes So Fucking Rock, You Grew On Me, Fat Children, F Sharp and more.

Track listing for So Rock:

Track Song titleLength
01.So F**king Rock[06:43]
02.Some People Have It Worse Than Me[03:58]
03.London, Advertising And Hippos[08:00]
04.If You Really Loved Me[04:56]
05.Peer Pressure[02:40]
06.Fat Children[04:36]
07.Scepticism and Feet[04:17]
08.If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)[01:50]
10.Perineum Millennium - The In-Between Years[04:54]
12.F Sharp[01:55]
14.Canvas Bags[03:38]
15.You Grew On Me[04:47]
16.Second Encore[00:38]

Tim Minchin  Australian  

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Tim Minchin"Tim Minchin is without doubt one of the 7 best pianist / singer / songwriter / actor / comedian / pervert / wannabe rockstars born in Western Australia in the mid seventies." - 'So Live' DVD.

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