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by Weird Al Yancovich
Album first released: 2011

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Description: Weird Al's 13th studio album parodying the likes of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars.

Track listing for Alpocalypse:

Track Song titleLength
01.I Perform This Way[02:54]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
02.CNR[03:21]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
03.TMZ[03;39]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
04.Skipper Dan[04:01]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
05.Polka Face[04:47]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
06.Craigslist[04:53]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
07.Party In The CIA[02:56]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
08.Ringtone[03:24]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
09.Another Tattoo[02:49]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
10.If That Isn't Love[03:48]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
11.Whatever You Like[03:41]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3
12.Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me[05:42]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3

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I Perform This Way by Weird Al Yancovich
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Weird Al explains the plot of Star Wars: Episode 1 in song.

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Weird Al Yancovich - The Essential Weird Al Yankovic (CD)
Weird Al Yancovich
The Essential Weird Al Yankovic
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Weird Al Yancovich - Alpocalypse (CD)
Weird Al Yancovich
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