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Big Noise
by Tara Flynn
Album first released: 2010

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Description: From tara: Big Noise is an album of comedy songs, written and sung by me, from the Edinburgh Fringe show of the same name. And now, you can buy Big Noise on iTunes here or on Amazon here.

You can buy individual songs, of course, but if you buy the album, you also get a digital booklet of the lyrics (designed by uber-talented Matt Scutt). Cool. BTW, it’s not really “explicit”; I had to put that because I use the F-word. Once.

“Deserves to be a far bigger star than she already is…What did not go on long enough for us was the duration of the show.” One4Review

“The lyrics are jarringly surreal and inventively silly. It’s the Boosh-like oddity that clinches it.” Andrew Collins

“Delightful set of musical comedy…wonderfully twisted sense of humour… had her audience in stitches…well worth seeing” ThreeWeeks

“Well written and funny… very entertaining” Australian Comedy Review

Track listing for Big Noise:

Track Song titleLength
01.Quirky (feat. Damian Coldwell) [Explicit][02:58]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
02.Italian Waiter (feat. Damian Coldwell)[03:16]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
03.The Fog (from the Film The Fog) (feat. Paul Boyd)[03:17]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
04.Truck Justice (feat. Paul Boyd & Damian Coldwell)[03:17]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
05.Recorded Delivery (feat. Paul Boyd)[03:26]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
06.Bjork Song (feat. Damian Coldwell)[02:08]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
07.La Vie (feat. Charlie Round-Turner)[06:01]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
08.Sexy Ghost (feat. Paul Boyd)[02:56]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
09.Weetabix Superhero (feat. Paul Boyd)[02:34]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
10.Eurotrash (feat. Paul Boyd)[04:38]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
11.Girl & Friend (feat. Charlie Round-Turner)[03:51]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
12.80s Fears (feat. Paul Boyd)[04:18]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
13.Custard[02:23]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
14.This Isn't Berlin (bonus Track) (feat. Damian Coldwell)[03:15]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes

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There's a good side to everything. Even scary mass-murdering entities from horror movies...

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