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Keep Hold of the Gold
by Nick Helm
Album first released: 2011

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Description: A recording of Nick Helm's 2010 Edinburgh show. Keep Hold Of The Gold, features "He Makes You Look Fat", "I Don't Want To Work In Admin" and other songs, as part of the full length show.

"A big, bearded, volatile, bruiser of a man (think Justin Lee Collins with anger control issues), his Keep Hold Of The Gold show demonstrates that when life gives you lemons it makes you feel better if you scream in life’s face." Chortle

"He is loud, brash and very very funny... thoroughly entertaining ... exceptionally well written songs that, once you get into his style of humour, are not only hysterical but also have a very poignant message to express... A very enjoyable experience overall." Hairline

Track listing for Keep Hold of the Gold:

Track Song titleLength
01.Introducing… Carmen [04:44]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
02.Keep Hold of the Gold[01:55]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
03.Nice to Meet You[04:41]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
04.13 or 14 Thirteen or Fourteen Year Olds[05:15]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
05.Don't Wanna Work In Admin[03:25]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
06.Busy Bee[01:39]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
07.He Makes You Look Fat [03:47]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
08.Tinned Telephone[04:32]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
09.This Is Called.. I Hope I Die First[03:22]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
10.Girlfriend[01:12]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
11.I Fancy the Pants Off You[03:54]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
12.Gin[01:12]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
13.Interesting Thing About Pineapples...[04:21]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
14.You Gotta Believe In Yourself[05:59]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes

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