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You Want Some Of This?
by Jon Lajoie
Album first released: 2009

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Description: Jon Lajoie's debut album featuring Everyday Normal Guy and Show Me Your Genitals.

Track listing for You Want Some Of This?:

Track Song titleLength
01.Everyday Normal Guy[03:21]Buy MP3: iTunes
02.Too Fast[01:56]Buy MP3: iTunes
03.I Don't Understand[00:24]Buy MP3: iTunes
04.Show Me Your Genitals[02:32]Buy MP3: iTunes
05.High As F%#k[02:54]Buy MP3: iTunes
06.Pop Song[02:44]Buy MP3: iTunes
07.Song for Britney[02:29]Buy MP3: iTunes
08.The Phonecall[03:51]Buy MP3: iTunes
09.Everyday Normal Guy 2[03:15]Buy MP3: iTunes
10.Sunday Afternoon[02:59]Buy MP3: iTunes
11.Stay At Home Dad[02:59]Buy MP3: iTunes
12.Potty Training Song[00:34]Buy MP3: iTunes
13.Show Me Your Genitals [02:56]Buy MP3: iTunes
14.Cold Blooded Christmas[02:14]Buy MP3: iTunes
15.2 Girls 1 Cup Song[02:43]Buy MP3: iTunes
16.Everyday Normal Crew[04:52]Buy MP3: iTunes
17.Why Did You Leave Me?[00:38]Buy MP3: iTunes

Jon Lajoie  Canadian  

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Chatroulette Song by Jon Lajoie
Jon LaJoie's experiences on Chat Roulette

Everyday Normal Guy by Jon Lajoie
Not every rap singer has something to shout about.

Show Me Your Genitals by Jon Lajoie
Jon Lajoie cuts to the chase.

Is this the best Christmas song in existence? Erm... no.

WTF Collective by Jon Lajoie
Step aside Wu-Tang, G-Unit, NWA, D-12... There are some new kids on this block.

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