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Still Alive - After Amateur Transplants
by Suman Biswas
Album first released: 2014

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Description: Suman’s first solo album since the band split in 2011, features an hour of new parody songs! Contained within, 38 tracks of hilarious parodies of well-known songs in a range of styles including rock, pop, ballads, rock-pop ballads; there’s nerdy jokes, digs at an ex-partner, dance versions, 4-part harmony, & even Christmas songs!

Track listing for Still Alive - After Amateur Transplants:

Track Song titleLength
01.CD[01:08]Buy MP3: iTunes
02.Queen[01:15]Buy MP3: iTunes
03.3.141592 [00:38]Buy MP3: iTunes
04.Fuck You (no offence)[02:18]Buy MP3: iTunes
05.Ikea[01:30]Buy MP3: iTunes
06.Mambo Number 6 [02:39]Buy MP3: iTunes
07.There's Gotta Be (805km)[01:22]Buy MP3: iTunes
08.Barbecue[01:50]Buy MP3: iTunes
09.Stephen Fry[02:13]Buy MP3: iTunes
10.Miley Cyrus[01:07]Buy MP3: iTunes
11.Dating Bruno Mars[01:08]Buy MP3: iTunes
12.Jesus Christ[02:36]Buy MP3: iTunes
13.Going Gaga for Sex[01:29]Buy MP3: iTunes
14.Covering My Ears[01:28]Buy MP3: iTunes
15.Frodong[00:20]Buy MP3: iTunes
16.Vatican City[02:05]Buy MP3: iTunes
17.Christmas Stinks[00:48]Buy MP3: iTunes
18.Christmas Listening[00:32]Buy MP3: iTunes
19.Sweet Child Lullaby[03:51]Buy MP3: iTunes
20.Moon Shot[01:13]Buy MP3: iTunes
21.Deja Vu[00:37]Buy MP3: iTunes
22.Lifebox[01:42]Buy MP3: iTunes
23.Going Gaga for Maths[00:58]Buy MP3: iTunes
24.French[00:40]Buy MP3: iTunes
25.Science (Holy Unnecessary mix)[01:59]Buy MP3: iTunes
26.Celebrity Parents[01:01]Buy MP3: iTunes
27.The Savile Row[00:52]Buy MP3: iTunes
28.Stripper Game[01:14]Buy MP3: iTunes
29.Trevor[00:57]Buy MP3: iTunes
30.Deja Vu[00:37]Buy MP3: iTunes
31.Uptight Girl[02:38]Buy MP3: iTunes
32.Video Store[03:38]Buy MP3: iTunes
33.I Get By[00:39]Buy MP3: iTunes
34.Improves Your Bladder[02:33]Buy MP3: iTunes
35.Hallelujapocalypse[03:08]Buy MP3: iTunes
36.End Credits[02:34]Buy MP3: iTunes
37.(Hidden Track) [00:27]Buy MP3: iTunes

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News about Suman Biswas:
Suman Biswas returns with 38-track album!
Friday, 14th March 2014
Listen to ex-Amateur Transplants artist on Bandcamp.

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