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Thursday, 1st July 2010
Doc Brown's pimping it up 
New funny videos from stand-up/rapper Doc Brown now on the BBC 

Mainstream rapper turned stand-up comedian Doc Brown (yes, him of the Poisonous Poets) is being featured on BBC Comedy Online with a few more of his rap parodies for our delectation and delight.

First up there's 'Tru Pimp', which describes the harsh realities of living the American pimp dream in the dreary UK, and highlights the difficulties facing people who are trying to bring their prostitution-ring running aspirations alive - especially when trying to get funding at a bank. The Government really should do something...

But, as he proves in 'Grandpa Dave', Doc Brown knows any true rapper never gives up on their dreams. He knows that anything is possible if you really want it. Even if it's something as seemingly unlikely as wanting David Attenborough to be your Grandfather. You just need to dream it.

You can see his 'Grandpa Dave' video below, or nip along to his BBC Comedy page to see all his other offerings.

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