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Thursday, 15th March 2012
The Rubberbandits get a TV show pilot 
Can The Rubberbandits prove they are going to be Channel 4's 'next big thing'? 

Plastic-bag wearing is about to come into fashion as The Rubberbandits are offered a pilot on Channel 4 for a musical sitcom.

Due to be called, rather unsurprisingly, Rubberbandits, the half-hour show is the first success from Comey Blaps, a Channel 4 iniative to discover new talent in comedy. It seems that Channel 4 have decided that the Rubberbandits may well be the 'next big thing' they were looking for.

Channel 4's Fiona Mcdermott told The British Comedy Guide "We always hoped Comedy Blaps would be the perfect stepping stone for new talent to hone their craft and move up the ladder and that's exactly what's happened with the totally brilliant Rubberbandits. We can't wait for the pilot, if nothing else we're just thrilled we've given them the chance to showcase even more supermarket carrier bags on their faces."

Below is the Comedy Blap that got them noticed, introducing the idea behind the series and featuring the song about their search for a new member of their gang who requires just one particular quality:

You should also check out their song 'Horse Outside' which deals with the comparative merits of different types of transport in attracting the opposite sex:

Horse Outside by Rubberbandits from the album Horse Outside
Warning: This song contains bad swearwords/sexy talk - you have been warned!
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