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I Wanna Fight Your Father
by Rubberbandits
Album first released: 2011

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Description: The EP of the Rubberbandits 'I Wanna Fight Your Father'. They describe it like this: "Horse Outside was the sound of Christmas 2010 and the Rubberbandits are currently the biggest live draw in Ireland. Now after over 6 million Youtube views, 40,000 downloads and 30 sold out live dates all over the country, it's time for the next instalment. If Horse Outside was a song about boy meets girl and beating the bad guys, the Rubberbandits new single is the one where the boy is willing to be maimed forever to prove his love. Accompanied by an amazing video which involved 60 extras , 3 animal wranglers and 500lb of Cod from Limerick's Donkey Fords chipper, the new Rubberbandits single will be sung from every street corner this Spring."

Track listing for I Wanna Fight Your Father:

Track Song titleLength
01.I Wanna Fight your Father[03:29]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
02.I Wanna Fight your Father (Loads of Curses)[03:29]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
03.I Wanna Fight your Father (Instrumental)[03:29]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes
04.I Wanna Fight your Father (As Gaeilge)[03:50]Buy MP3: Amazon MP3 iTunes

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