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Radio Face
by Mitch Benn
Album first released: 2002

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Description: Mitch Benn's first studio album and the first to be commercially released.

Track listing for Radio Face:

Track Song titleLength
01.Imagine You Were Mine[02:06]Buy MP3: iTunes
02.Public Service Announcement[00:20]Buy MP3: iTunes
03.Macbeth (My Name Is)[03:04]Buy MP3: iTunes
04.Baby I'm Sorry[02:50]Buy MP3: iTunes
05.Five One[03:09]Buy MP3: iTunes
06.Everybody's Elvis[02:08]Buy MP3: iTunes
07.The Apathy Song[02:09]Buy MP3: iTunes
08.Llandudno[02:59]Buy MP3: iTunes
09.Dr Who Girl[02:45]Buy MP3: iTunes
10.Christmas Single[02:29]Buy MP3: iTunes
11.Tabloid Journalists[01:42]Buy MP3: iTunes
12.My Girlfriend Is An Alien[03:34]Buy MP3: iTunes
13.Rock and Roll Hall Of Death[03:09]Buy MP3: iTunes
14.Sometimes Love[02:44]Buy MP3: iTunes
15.Steal This Song[01:13]Buy MP3: iTunes

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Mitch Benn"The great thing about Mitch Benn is that his music enhances the comedy rather than replacing it." - Julia Chamberlain,

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