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For the Love of God!
by Tripod
Album first released: 2008

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Description: Scod, Yon and Gatesy are Tripod - one of the most popular and prolific comedy acts working in Australia today. 'For the love of god!' is a comedic spin on the stories of Christmas. All through this album is the nostalgia of Christmas records from the 50s, 60s and 70s - all sorts of lush instrumentations including string quartets, swinging horns, Phil Spector-meets-Beach Boys orgasms of sound, right up to full orchestral arrangements. This is a musical feast. Whether you are hearing about Fabian the forgotten reindeer or the shepherd that missed the birth of Christ, this album rarely has a dull moment!

Track listing for For the Love of God!:

Track Song titleLength
01.O Holy Night[02:19]Buy MP3: iTunes
02.I Hate Your Family[05:02]Buy MP3: iTunes
03.Christ Is Born[01:51]Buy MP3: iTunes
04.The Only Shepherd[04:03]Buy MP3: iTunes
05.Fabian[03:45]Buy MP3: iTunes
06.Ring Ring Bells[01:06]Buy MP3: iTunes
07.If Billy Bragg[04:04]Buy MP3: iTunes
08.Santa's Papers[03:29]Buy MP3: iTunes
09.Nothing to See Here[02:01]Buy MP3: iTunes
10.Someday the Lord[03:50]Buy MP3: iTunes
11.The Homophobic Christmas Tree[03:32]Buy MP3: iTunes
12.A Pauper's Heart[00:58]Buy MP3: iTunes
13.The Little Drummer Boy[04:43]Buy MP3: iTunes
14.The Stuffing[03:54]Buy MP3: iTunes
15.Meet Me In the Middle of the Air[03:18]Buy MP3: iTunes

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